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Shedding a Light on Islamic Art's Great Treasure

March 20, 2014  •  The New York Times

SABIHA AL KHEMIR was visiting a solar energy plant in Spain about four years ago when inspiration struck. Her host, the foundation of a Spanish company with interests in alternative energy, wanted her to conceive an Islamic art exhibition for Seville to recognize Spain's 800-year history under Moorish rule and ideally to tie her concept into the Seville-based company's work. Touring the solar plant, the Tunisian-born curator found her organizing principle.

"It was an incredible experience," Ms. Al Khemir, 55, recalled. "Light was everywhere."

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Through An African Artery
Crocodiles and Culture on a Cruise in West Africa

March 16, 2014  •  The New York Times

The radiant sun was starting its late-afternoon descent, leaving behind pleasantly warm air, and I was gliding on glassy water through a Gambian archipelago of tropical rain-forest islands in a brightly painted boat, a converted ferry with an upper deck and even a soft-drink bar [below, left]. Propped against pillows with my feet up, I was as comfortable as Cleopatra on her royal barge. Suddenly, Assan, our guide, spotted our goal: a big, black chimpanzee sitting on the wet, brown shoreline, eating fruit. And then there was another one, with a baby chimp swinging from its belly, high up in the trees.

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Total Immersion In Folk Art
When Progress Isn't the Point

February 11, 2014  •  The Wall Street Journal


The exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum that runs through May 4 is titled "Uncommon Folk: Traditions in American Art," but it might well have been called "Total Immersion." Nearly 600 paintings, carvings, quilts, furnishings, toys and other objects fill to the brim the 10,000-square-foot galleries of the museum's signature Quadracci Pavilion, designed by Santiago Calatrava.

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ICONS: Book of Hours: Time For a Record?
Christie's To Offer Rothschild Prayerbook

January 25, 2014  •  The Wall Street Journal

A lavishly illuminated medieval Book of Hours, which set the world auction record for illuminated manuscripts when it sold in 1999 for nearly $13.4 million, will be back on the block next Wednesday, expected to fetch an even higher price.

Christie's will offer the Rothschild Prayerbook, often considered the most important illuminated manuscript in private hands, in New York. No one knows who commissioned the 150-page book, which was made in Ghent or Bruges around 1505-1510, but it was probably a member of the imperial court in the Netherlands. Christie's hasn't identified the seller.

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View From the Top: On Stage
JED BERNSTEIN Takes the Helm of Lincoln Center

Winter 2014  •  Gotham Magazine

I'm a 24/7 person," says Jed Bernstein, sitting down for coffee at Alice Tully Hall one recent day. That's a good thing, since on January 27 of this year, Bernstein, 58, takes on one of the most demanding jobs in the city: president of Lincoln Center. The position requires not only daily attention to a host of intricate management issues but also frequent attendance at the many offerings of the world's largest performing arts center.There's a full schedule of after-work business events and dinners to tend to as well—courting donors is an integral part of the job, and a critical one for someone following in the footsteps of the legendary Reynold Levy, a tireless promoter, renovator, and fundraiser extraordinaire who held the job since 2002.

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