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Portraits Without Faces
"This Is A Portrait If I Say So" at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art

July 20, 2016  •  The Wall Street Journal

Brunswick, Maine

A rainbow-striped canvas; an exercise bike equipped with a horn, a basket and a sweatshirt; six photographs of a tree against the sky. You may think of portraits as paintings, photographs or sculptures that capture the physical likeness, especially the face, of a person, which is the dictionary definition. Yet at "This Is a Portrait If I Say So: Identity in American Art, 1912 to Today"—which includes those artworks by Ross Bleckner, Eleanor Antin and Alfred Stieglitz, respectively—there is nary a face in sight.

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Masterpiece: Dazzling Reminders of Mortality
'Four Fates of the Soul' spur the viewer to contemplate eternity

July 9, 2016  •  The Wall Street Journal

Every now and then, a dazzling work of art resurfaces, seemingly out of nowhere. It happened recently with a quartet of little polychrome wood sculptures made in Ecuador in the 18th century and purchased by the Hispanic Society of America Museum and Library at an art fair in New York in May.

These "Four Fates of the Soul," which have been in a private European collection for the past 80 years, escaped the notice of art historians and seem not to have been published. They are, said Mitchell Codding, the Hispanic Society's director, "totally unique in our experience"—and totally arresting.

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A Personal Collection Goes Public
Rajput Paintings at the Met

May 31, 2016  •  The Wall Street Journal

Steven M. Kossak began collecting the way many others do: first, rocks and butterflies, then coins and stamps, and eventually fine art, starting with old-master prints.

Then he took a different turn, going back to school at 36 to earn a graduate degree in art history, joining the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a research assistant, and ascending to full curator in the Asian Art department.

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Rediscovering Daubigny, an Unsung Influence on the Impressionists

March 17, 2016  •  The New York Times

If, on the night of Feb. 20, Lynne Ambrosini had emptied a champagne flute a few times and then triumphantly thrown it into a fire, anyone who knows her would have understood.

For nearly 15 years, Ms. Ambrosini, the director of collections and exhibitions and curator of European art at the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati, had been trying to organize an exhibition about the evolution of the 19th-century French artist Charles François Daubigny.

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A Nationwide Guide to Art Exhibitions This Spring

March 16, 2016  •  The New York Times

Here's a tasting menu of the most promising exhibitions in the coming months.


BUFFALO "Clyfford Still/Mark Bradford." Mr. Bradford selects some 20 paintings by Still (1904-80) and, in adjacent galleries, presents new abstract works he made in response to them, in that way starting a dialogue about Abstract Expressionism. May 26 through Oct. 2. Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 1285 Elmwood Avenue; 716-882-8700, albrightknox.org.

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