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Art History Mystery: Piecing Together the Van Campen Clan
Frans Hals's large 'The Van Campen Family in a Landscape' was cut into pieces, now in different collections; they have been reunited in a Toledo exhibition.

October 22, 2018  •  The Wall Street Journal

Toledo, Ohio

'Frans Hals Portraits: A Family Reunion," at the Toledo Museum of Art, might just as easily have been subtitled "An Art History Mystery." Or "The Secret Life of a 17th-Century Masterpiece." Or "A Lesson in Connoisseurship." Or—let's just say the exhibit has many stories to tell.

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Masterpiece: A Man Among Gods
The Gemma Augustea, the finest and almost the largest cameo that survives from antiquity, celebrates Augustus and Roman triumph.

September 22, 2018  •  The Wall Street Journal

Caesar Augustus (63 B.C.-A.D. 14), the founder and great expansionist of the Roman Empire, the architect of the Pax Romana, the creator of a golden economic age, the instigator of grand civic structures, was also an eminent patron of the arts. In the years leading up to his death, he—or a supporter, perhaps?—commissioned a magnificent cameo glorifying his deeds. It is surely the finest and almost the largest cameo that survives from antiquity.

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Rembrandt, master printmaker—and shrewd market manipulator
Denver Art Museum's exhibition of the Old Master's prints looks at how he intentionally made "rarities" for his collectors

September, 2018  •  The Art Newspaper

Rembrandt is cast not only as a master printmaker of glorious works, but also as a canny market manipulator in the Denver Art Museum's latest show, Rembrandt: Painter as Printmaker. "Rembrandt intentionally made rarities for his admiring collectors, who sought out rare states," says the co-curator Timothy Standring, who organised the show with Jaco Rutgers, co-editor of the catalogue raisonné of Rembrandt's etchings, completed in 2014. The scholarship behind the exhibition stems largely from that project.

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'Hedda Sterne: Printed Variations' Review: Elevating the Everyday
Though grouped with the Abstract Expressionists, she cut a different path.

August 20, 2018  •  The Wall Street Journal

Fort Worth, Texas

On first impression, visitors to " Hedda Sterne : Printed Variations" might be tempted to think of Cézanne's fixation on the apple: The Sterne lithographs that occupy a long wall here at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art were inspired by a head of crinkly lettuce.

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'Sargent and Chicago's Gilded Age': Dazzling Art With a City Connection
The Art Institute of Chicago brings together Sargent paintings linked to the city via ownership, subject or exhibition history

August 13, 2018  •  The Wall Street Journal


During his 69 years, John Singer Sargent visited Chicago just twice: in 1876, when at age 20 he came with his family, and then in 1916 when he stopped briefly on his way to a painting expedition in the Rocky Mountains.

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